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About Us

Tyler and Paxton (T+P - get it? Super creative, we know), met while bartending at Bull City Ciderworks in 2017. After learning that the bar’s previous trivia host was departing, Tyler eagerly volunteered himself and Paxton as immediate replacements (without ever asking


Paxton first). They started hosting together, developing their performance chemistry and personal friendship. Soon, what began as a fun weekly happening at Ciderworks, quickly grew into a bustling side hustle with additional trivia events at other locations around Durham. In 2019, TP Trivia became an LLC, expanding our client base to both apartment complexes and corporate events. Beyond traditional trivia games, we’ve also hosted events featuring Music Bingo, Family Feud, and Scavenger Hunts.

While we pride ourselves in designing unique trivias for each specific event, we’ll always provide these three constants… 


  Above all else, this is our primary goal. In our opinion, trivia should feel more like recess or lunch than a history or algebra class. What does this mean? We encourage audience participation. We encourage sing-a-longs. We encourage funny team names. We embrace non-traditional themed rounds like Ikea Furniture and Celebrity Dogs. So no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, we guarantee you’ll have a blast. 



So yes, fun is #1, but what’s more fun than winning right? Too often trivia events are either too easy or too hard with no in between. In our trivias, we reward intellectual diversity. The more well rounded your team is with different subject matters, the better chance you have to win. Our events are not for the meek, players come to play. But take heart in the fact that it’s not just the history buff or rocket scientist who wins every time. It takes a mixture of knowledge, teamwork, and a little luck to seize a victory at TP Trivia. We also like to reward teams for simply trying. In our weekly trivia, we always give out a “last place” prize, where the losing team gets to select a themed round of their choosing for the following week. It’s a great advantage and helps teams go from worst to first in only one week. We always say, “it pays big to lose big!” 



This is the constant that separates us from other trivia masters. During an event, we’re not just sitting behind a table, drolly reading questions, removed from the audience. With TP Trivia, you’re watching a show. We’re standing up, roaming the crowd, desperately trying to make you laugh with Tyler’s terrible puns and Paxton’s perfect Scottish accent. We’ve been known to appear in themed costumes. We’ve also hosted while simultaneously bartending (that one didn’t go well). Whatever it is, with us you’re always in store for something different. You may never win, but you’ll always leave entertained. 


Who we have worked with...

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